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Always on the forefront, we use the same technology used by Major League Baseball and major college programs.


We collect and monitor your metrics, analyzing your data, then share the information you need to help you succeed.


Near or far, we deliver and communicate our analysis, providing personalized guidance to help you achieve your greatest potential.

Advanced Total Hitting was created to fit our player development model of incorporating industry-best baseball technology into the education of our players in a one-on-one setting. The Advanced Total Hitting program models exactly how MLB organizations treat players and their development. This is done by using baseball technology to collect and analyze player data, developing a player plan based on observed strengths and weaknesses, followed by targeting a specific area to work on using action steps that are worked on until the desired goal is met before moving to the next area for growth. We are confident that Advanced Total Hitting will be an exciting, data-driven, specialized program made for you to help you on your baseball journey. The Advanced Total Hitting program allows for unlimited access to all of the hitting technology we have invested in here at The Clubhouse for your benefit, including  Blast Motion, K-Motion, Rapsodo Hitting, HitTrax, and our newest addition, Oculus-powered Win Reality training.  Athletes will be exposed to all of this technology and use it to help make you the best player you can be, following the model of how they do it in the pros.

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Pitching is a true art form that involves multiple areas that players must master in order to be the most effective pitcher they can be. Advanced Total Pitching is a program launched to address all of these areas using the same player development model used by MLB organizations. This model involves using baseball technology to collect baseline player data, identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, and then develop a player plan and action steps for every individual player to get tangible results. To be an advanced pitcher, one must have a solid routine. This program will illustrate what that looks like as well as teach vital areas such as proper warm-up, throwing programs, how to have a productive bullpen, pitch grip recommendations, pitch shaping and pitch design work, command training, and pitch usage strategy. The Advanced Total Pitching program offers unlimited access to our pitching technology which includes Rapsodo Pitching as well as High-Speed Camera technology, TRAQ database, and our exclusive training videos. Advanced Total Pitching will have you not only become a better pitcher but a better student of the game. We here at The Clubhouse believe it is vital to understand who you are as a player, and what you need to do to get to the next level, and this program will undoubtedly get you there.

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The High-Performance program is not a magic pill that eliminates the many hours of work necessary to become an elite player.  It is my decades of baseball experience and continuous commitment to learning about the game that enables my history of player development success which is being shared with each participant.

This comprehensive player development process is rooted in “moving well” and substantiated through technology, data interpretation, skill acquisition, and movement pattern training and re-training.  Equally as important is the communication of concepts for greater clarity and better application of skills for faster progress and greater performance.   In my efforts to drive stronger results year over year,  I continuously seek to improve my methods to achieve better game performance.  Therefore, while doing private instruction is very helpful and working alone is necessary, it is imperative to train in all environments.


Mike Porzio

Founder & CEO

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