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The Clubhouse is a family-owned, all-purpose indoor baseball facility that utilizes industry-leading technology, player development methodology, and data driven decision-making to ensure that our clients receive the quality of coaching they deserve. The best type of development training is individualized, objective, and engaging; to help every one of our clients maximize their potential as a baseball player.

Instructional and Team Management

Employment Opportunities

Sponsored by EvoShield and a proud member of the EvoShield Army Prestige Club, The Clubhouse is always looking for talented and professional instructors and team managers who possess
- Excellent face-to-face communication skills,
- Outstanding written communication skills, and
- A high level of patience and the ability to work in a busy and sometimes pressurized environment.

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More About The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse strives not only to create the next generation of elite baseball players but baseball coaches as well. We have used our shared knowledge and experience of having coaches from the NCAA, MiLB, and MLB to create a development program ensuring anyone who is a member of The Clubhouse will grow as a coach, an educator, and a role model to continue teaching the game of baseball at the highest level. As baseball continues to evolve, so do we, here at The Clubhouse.

The game of baseball is an ever-changing environment, incorporating new technologies, training methods, and development techniques. Here at The Clubhouse, we have ensured that as Baseball grows, so do we. Our instructors have played and coached the game from college to the highest levels, and worked in consultation with current coaches in Major League Baseball to ensure that we have a direct line to the
changes we need to make to provide the best quality coaching to our clients. Our goal is to further foster the love of the game, commitment to the hard work that is required to excel, and the sharing of objective information and truth to all of our clientele. We do this all with the belief that strong relationships and accurate information are the keys to unlocking the fullest potential in every member of our Clubhouse Family.

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Address2215 Black Rock Turnpike (Behind The GAP and Old Navy), Fairfield, CT 06825

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