The Clubhouse Way


The Clubhouse training facility and team experience is modeled after my life in baseball. I am a retired Major League Baseball player, current scout for the Milwaukee Brewers and owner of The Clubhouse. I know from experience that dreams come true, but there are no shortcuts. It requires perseverance, hard work, natural talent and proper mentoring for the dream to become a reality. It is now my mission at The Clubhouse to pass this knowledge and experience to the players so they can learn to realize their full potential.

Clubhouse Team Athletes

Who does The Clubhouse look for to be part of the team experience?

We want resilient, talented players who are willing to invest in themselves to become the best they can be. It is of the utmost importance to understand that accepting a roster spot requires full commitment. Players learn over time the privilege of putting on a Clubhouse uniform because it reflects the path to great achievement. From youngest to oldest, the players can expect to be superbly trained and coached. This is the key to the national championships, college scholarships and MLB draft selections.

What is the objective of The Clubhouse team experience?

The objective is simple: prepare the players to play the game the right way. Through our preparation, beginning in the winter and throughout the season, player development and success become a natural byproduct. We emphasize the importance of challenging our athletes to become more athletic and versatile. All players train in practice at multiple positions, but should only expect to play in games at their best positions.

What do you expect of athletes now and over time?

We expect our athletes to strive to be the best they can be. We expect our athletes to hold themselves accountable for their actions. We teach the skills and personal behaviors demonstrated in winners and expect our athletes to choose the same. This builds character in athletes and strengthens the internal fight and spirit that must be present for long-term success. As players mature, both mentally and emotionally, they are more capable of accepting critique and putting aside fears.

What role do parents play, and what is your relationship to parents?

My commitment to parents is to work tirelessly to keep building our program to meet the goals I have outlined so that our kids continue to get the opportunities we can provide. What I need from parents is their cooperation and support. I also encourage communication with parents to speak to coaches or me directly about any issues that come up.

What can I expect from The Clubhouse?

I have learned much throughout my baseball career and my tenure running The Clubhouse. This is not an experiment. Your athlete’s time here will be productive and fulfilling. We look forward to partnering with you to make this happen.

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